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About Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is a racing simulator, focused on providing highly realistic driving experiences across a range of performance cars. Its advanced physics engine includes aspects of real cars such as tyre flat spots, heat cycles, graining and blistering, and aerodynamics simulation.

It can be extended through a vast array of downloadable mods, having one of the most active modding communities around.

Our recommendation: Who's it for?

Racing fans looking for a realistic simulation, with a wide variety of cars and tracks, should check out Assetto Corsa. The breadth of community mods is outstanding, which really sets this game apart.

Reviews from the webScore: 3.9 / 5

EuroGamer (9/10)
"You could put any car on any track and lose yourself in the simulation for hours. Assetto Corsa's laser focus on the driving experience works wonders."
COGconnected (85%)
"Kunos has created an auto game that is definitely worth taking for a spin. My advice is park some of your expectations and for the time being approach Assetto Corsa as 'your driving simulator'."
Cubed3 (8/10)
"What's underneath the hood is seriously impressive. Any dedicated racing nuts who feel like testing themselves at the wheel on console should look no further."
Impulse Gamer (3.6/5)
"In the end Assetto Corsa may lean more towards the professional virtual racer for the gamer who wants to maximise their realistic experience."
"Gritty and realistic, Assetto Corsa is for serious racing fans. It lacks finesse, but it's one of the best racers on the market."
Next Gen Base (6.5/10)
"Assetto Corsa is more frustrating than anything, and one that is only for the very hardcore driving fans out there."

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