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About DriveHub adapter

The Drive Hub let's you use virtually any racing wheel on your PS4 or Xbox One, making wheel compatibility issues a thing of the past. No setup needed, just plug and play. It works with all major wheel brands; including Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec.

The adapter fully supports all standard force feedback protocols including but not limited to Spring Force, Dampers, Collision Force, road, surface and airborne effects.

Our recommendation: Who's it for?

The DriveHub adapter is a must-have for anyone wanting to use their racing wheel with games consoles that don't natively support it. What's impressive is how well it works; there's no lag, no complex setup and no hassle. As a one-off investment to fix compatibility issues, it's well worth it.

Reviews from the web

"DriveHub is such a seamless experience. It has saved a good steering wheel from having a wasteful, premature obsolescence forced upon it by greedy manufacturers. That's what I call value."
"Highly recommended. Works perfectly. I'm amazed, it's plug and play. The one downside is you can't assign buttons."
"A small little box that works really great. I didn't experience any lag and it's plug and play once you install the latest drivers. I can highly recommend it."
"Want to use your Thrustmaster wheel TX on a PS4 like me? Check this video out, it works for other wheels for other consoles too."
"While it's expensive, I think it's worth it and is a huge help to people like me with an unconventional setup."

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