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About Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game developed exclusively for PS4 that features 278 cars and 27 configurations of 18 locations to race on. In contrast to its predecessors in the GT series, the game focuses primarily on online multiplayer racing, though additional single player content is added as part of new updates.

Our recommendation: Who's it for?

GT Sport is for PS4 gamers looking for high quality online racing. Whilst single player doesn't quite live up to the same heights, it's improving with the addition of new content in each update. If looking for something similar for Xbox or PC, check out Project Cars 2.

Reviews from the webScore: 4.2 / 5

Car Magazine (5/5)
"Gran Turismo is one of the most iconic race series ever made, and while GT Sport isn’t the sprawling magnum opus that GT2 or GT3 was, it’s getting there. Thanks to aggressive monthly updates, GT Sport is slowly filling out into a true next-gen sequel to the games that made the series as important as it is today. If you’ve got a PS4, it should be your first port of call."
"More so than either of its contemporaries, GT Sport is a game transformed compared to its launch version. What’s more, we expect that to be doubly true in another year. This is the most well-resolved Gran Turismo title in a decade, and it’s only going to get better."
GameSpot (8/10)
"Where you fall on GT Sport will mirror how you feel about racing games in general. If you’re looking for a highly focused console racing sim, GT Sport is excellent, but don’t come looking for a robust"
Gaming Nexus (8/10)
"With its excellent focus on online multiplayer supported with some innovative fair-play features and related social features, Gran Turismo Sport is a great choice for drivers focused on those aspects. For offline players and those that don't want to grind to gain access to an extensive collection of cars and tracks, though, there are better alternatives."
Alphr (4/5)
"From eSports to exclusive concept cars, photography modes and circuit challenges, GT Sport tries to do more than any other racing game, and for that, it has to be commended. It looks and sounds fantastic, too."
IGN (7.5/10)
"In many ways, GT Sport is the most polished Gran Turismo game in over a decade. It looks great, feels great, and what’s here has been carefully and well executed. However, while I can forgive the sprinkling of eccentric nonsense, the lack of car and track content really hurts, and the online-only nature of the vast majority of it is worrying."

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