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About Simucube 2 OSW

The next generation Simucube 2 direct drive wheel bases, for PC, deliver up to 17Nm (Sport), 25Nm (Pro) or 32Nm (Ultimate) of torque. Each base is carefully designed for ultra low latency, with dual CPU architecture and Simucube Wireless Wheel support.

Our recommendation: Who's it for?

The Simucube 2 direct drive wheel base is at the bleeding-edge of the Open Sim Wheel (OSW) community. It provides extremely high-end performance at a fair price, for the hardcore sim racer.

Reviews from the web

"Overall I think this is a clear winner for the team at Simucube and the SC2 Pro is something I've really enjoyed using. You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into this result and I think it has really paid off."
"I've had my SC2 Pro now for a couple of days, all I can say is I have had no issues at all, AC and RF2 is amazing with the Pro. Coming from Fanatec is like riding a Honda moped for 2 years then jumping on a Honda fireblade."

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