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Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel
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About Thrustmaster TMX

The Thrustmaster TMX is an entry-level force feedback wheel, catering to Xbox and PC gamers. It features an adjustable 900 degree force feedback system, driven by a quiet mixed belt-pulley and gears system with metal ball-bearing axle. The standard version comes with a 2-pedal set, whilst the Pro edition features a 3-pedal T3PA set.

Our recommendation: Who's it for?

The Thrustmaster TMX is a strong entry-level racing wheel, best for Xbox gamers who want to experience the benefits of a force feedback wheel without spending too much. For the PS4 equivalent, check out the Thrustmaster T150, which also features better PC compatibility.

Reviews from the webScore: 3.9 / 5

This Is Xbox (8.4/10)
"Minus the odd moment when the pedals move across the floor, the TMX Force Feedback is an awesome piece of kit and it’s an absolute bargain. To top it all off, the system is compatible with Thrustmaster’s modular system so you can add a shifter or replace the pedals."
Trusted Reviews (3.5/5)
"The Thrustmaster TMX is a great entry into the world of force-feedback steering wheels for those who have an Xbox One and/or PC. It provides just the sort of force-feedback experience that brings racing games to life while, largely, cutting the right corners to keep costs low."
"If money’s tight, or space is at a premium, or you just aren’t sure how invested you want to be into sim racing yet, then the TMX is really solid option for getting started on the Xbox One and PC."
"The Thrustmaster T150 RS Pro and TMX Pro are a low-threshold way to make racing games even more fun. The difference with a controller is gigantic: it feels like you're switching from simple to simulation. The force feedback is powerful and provides you with the contextual information about the road surface as you would also feel with a real car"
"Overall, the TMX racing wheel is a pretty sturdy mid-range racing wheel. If you've got a few hundred dollars lying around for a wheel and force feedback is important to you, you could do a lot worse than this for Xbox One. Just be aware of the lightweight pedals and intermittent PC game support."
"If you're budget minded and looking to get into sim racing, I recommend this."

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